Mylinex selects Cyaniq ahead of Mobile World Congress 2018

Mylinex, the pioneering telecommunications signaling solutions provider to the Asian region based in Colombo partnered full-scope communications consultancy Cyaniq to gear-up its communication strategy ahead of the Mobile World Congress scheduled to be held in Barcelona from the 26th of February to the 1st of March 2018.

Having established itself as a high potential startup back in 2011, Mylinex today services a multinational clientele of telcos across Asia and the Western world. Recognized in the industry for its high-powered telecommunications solution portfolio, the tech outfit boasts of an unparalleled market presence in Sri Lanka with solutions deployed for all top telcos in the country.

Ahead of its planned bid to reach new global markets in the near future with its flagship solutions – Virtual Number and SMS Firewall, Mylinex has partnered with full-scope communications consultancy Cyaniq. The aim of the partnership involves the strategizing of marketing materials, brand communications mechanics and sales content ahead of the broad-basing effort.

“As a specialized tech startup that has been in the business since 2011, we consider our participation at the Mobile World Congress this year to be a pivotal point in our expansion to foreign markets. We have been fortunate to work with all of the leading telcos in the country as well as many in the region, and now we are ready to take that experience to the world. It’s been a pleasure to work with the Cyaniq team in the past few months to prepare for the upcoming congress and we are confident that the content we have produced will prove successful to our ends,” commented Gayan Samarasekara, CEO/Solutions Architect of Mylinex International.

As part of its global outreach, Mylinex will participate at the Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona in mid-February. The congress widely regarded as the top calendar event for telecommunication industry actors will see the participation of top telcos and solutions providers from around the world.

Mylinex will be showcasing its solutions portfolio at the congress, with an emphatic focus on two standalone products in the forms of the SMS Firewall and the Virtual Number solution. The two products have seen great success in Sri Lanka with the top telcos deploying the solutions and leveraging their capabilities to service broad customer bases.

The Virtual Number solution which allows users to configure a secondary mobile number to a single SIM card is a flagship solution expected to rally interest from internationally based telcos. Locally, Etisalat has deployed the solution to great success within its customer base.

“Mylinex is a high potential startup that we have had the pleasure of working with and we are confident that they will make waves at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Our priority at this stage is to bolster up their content strategy and create a number of content pieces for placement across their communication touch-points. At Cyaniq, we believe in a content-centric approach to communication and branding and as such have taken on the development of the company’s sales position to enable maximum traction especially from globally based stakeholders. It’s been a great experience for us to work with a top telecommunication solutions provider and we are highly interested in seeing the project through successfully,” commented Dilshan Senaratne, CEO of Cyaniq.