Banner against sexism replaces controversial hoarding

A banner against sexism has been placed at the site in Rajagiriya where a hoarding created a lot of controversy.

The banner reading “No more space for sexism” has been put up following the removal of the offensive advertisement.

“Ha ha look at this! #SriLanka women’s rights movement has put this up on that space! Glad I was able to help,” Deputy Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs Dr. Harsha de Silva tweeted with an image of the banner.

The previous advertisement, giving publicity to a popular gymnasium and fitness centre, had an image of a barrel and text next to it saying “This is no shape for a woman” giving the impression women should not look like a barrel.

Harsha de Silva had instructed the Colombo Municipal Council to remove the offensive hoarding.

The fitness center behind the hoarding in Rajagiriya later said that the hoarding was to promote an obesity-free Sri Lanka.

OSMO Fitness, the fitness center, said it respected the different viewpoints of the general public and regreted any offence that was generated in response to the subject advertisement and had decided to withdraw all communications relating to the advertisement in question. (Colombo Gazette)