Sampath Bank engages with SMEs and other stakeholders

Continuing to support businesses around the nation, Sampath Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in the country, hosted over 100 representatives of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at the second edition of the Bank’s “Obe Diyunuwata Ape Maga Penweema” interactive seminars on imports and exports in Galle recently.

Spearheaded by the Bank’s Trade Services unit, the event brought together a host of government institutions, trade bodies and other stakeholders to better address common issues faced by SMEs on imports and exports. Sharing its learnings, Sampath Bank also leverages its relationships to connect these businesses with other relevant stakeholders.

“At Sampath Bank, we are cognizant and appreciative of the contributions made by the country’s small and medium enterprise (SME) sector to the economy.Right from our inception, we have continued to work closely with them, serving as a trusted financial partner,confidant and advisor. Aimed at sharing knowledge and building partnerships, the “Obe Diyunuwata Ape Maga Penweema” seminars are part of our efforts to add value to this sector,” said Mrs. Shashi Kandambi Jassim, Senior Deputy General Manager – Corporate Banking, Sampath Bank PLC.

“We have always sought to look beyond our own commercial interests in our interactions with all our customers and tried to understand their needs and aspirations to deliver the right financial services to them. This is true of relationship with our SME customers too. Over the years, we noticed that they have a keen interest in venturing into imports and exports. We also learned about the issues they face in this regard. While being experts in their chosen fields, they often tend to need a bit of support on some of the minor nitty-gritties related to imports and exports. We are delighted to address these areas through events like the “Obe Diyunuwata Ape Maga Penweema” seminars. Inspired by the response to the first wave of seminars, we look forward to engaging SMEs around the island through more such events,” said Mrs. Ayodhya Iddawela Perera, Deputy General Manager – Corporate Banking, Sampath Bank PLC.

The seminar in Galle is part of a series of knowledge sharing sessions being conducted by the Bankaround the main regions of the island. The panel of speakers included Mr. Ajith D. Perera, Secretary General, Federation of Chambers of Commerce; Ms. Kumudini Vidyalankara, Assistant Controller, Import and Export Control Department, Mr. K. G.  Jayawardhana, Deputy Director of Customs, Mr. Achala Chandrasekera, Deputy Director of Customs;Mr. D. R. S. Hapuarachchi, Senior Commissioner (HRD & IR), Inland Revenue Department; Mr. Anura Wickramasekera, Deputy Director,Southern Province office, Sri Lanka Export Development Board and representing Sampath Bank, Mrs. AyodhyaIddawela Perera, Deputy General Manager – Corporate Banking.

The inaugural “Obe Diyunuwata Ape Maga Penweema” seminarwas held in Colombo. The second edition was concluded in Galle with great success and Sampath Bank plans to hold such events in all main regions in 2018.

Established in 1987, Sampath Bank has become a state-of-the-art financial institution that continues to be a market leader today thanks to its constant innovation and customer focused approach to business. Its unique tailor-made solutions, superior services and convenience of access have allowed Sampath Bank to further differentiate itself from the competition, makingit the bank of choice for many in Sri Lanka.