Justice Padman Surasena new President of the Court of Appeal

Justice Preethi Padman Surasena was sworn in today as the President of the Court of Appeal.

He replaces Justice L.T.B. Dehideniya who has been elevated to the Supreme Court.

Justice Preethi Padman Surasena, who obtained his degree in Physics from the Science Faculty of the University of Colombo, entered the Law College in 1985. In 1989 he took oaths as an attorney, and later joined the Attorney General’s Department as a Senior State Counsel.

He was appointed as a judge of the High Court in 2007 and in 2016 he was appointed a Court of Appeal judge. He also served as the Chairman of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate and Inquire into Serious Acts of Fraud and Corruption. (Colombo Gazette)