Maldives Police says Presidential Election priority in 2018

Maldives Police Service has said that their biggest priority in 2018 will be providing security and other obligations related to the Presidential Election.

Talking on the state media TVM, Spokesperson of the Police, Chief Superintendent Ahmed Shifan said that special priorities this year include the Presidential Election and they have starting working on it.

Superintendent Shifan advised the public to maintain civil rest during the course of the Presidential Election. He said that when the country gets politically active, the crime goes up as well.

He said that 2017 was a low crime year compared to the previous years with a 6 percent drop in crime. And the major crimes of murder that took place in the past year has been investigated and sent to trial.

The Police Spokesperson said that all the branches of the Police had put in a joint effort to reduce crime last year. And so searches were conducted at the dark areas in the atolls with special attention. (Courtesy Sun Online)