Sampath Bank changes banking with slip-less transactions

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Sampath Bank, the pioneer in innovative banking solutions, recently launched Slip-less transactions to provide their customers with even greater convenience by ridding them of cumbersome form filling. Functioning through a mobile app that is available on iOSand Android, this convenient tool will provide customers with a seamless experience and takes Sampath Bank one step closer towards their goal of paperless banking.

With the launch,the Slip-less transaction facility will allow customers to carry out cash deposits and withdrawals without filling out any forms. The Bank plans to roll out bill payments, credit card payments, cheque deposit facilities and much more in the near future in order to reduce the use of paper and provide customers with more convenient ways to bank. Also included in the expansion of the facility are special standalone terminals to be placed inside branches to help non-smartphone users take advantage of Slip-less transactions.

This is yet another first from Sampath Bank thus continuing our trend of starting the year with a digital innovation. At the start of 2017 we introduced 10 digital products and in 2018 we introduce Slip-less transactions. Our single-minded focus on our customers has allowed us to create greater convenience in their lives and provide them with a safe, fast and paperless transaction method. This latest innovation takes us closer to our ultimate goal of paperless banking. We are excited with this launch of the Slip-less transaction facility and look forward to bringing more innovations,” saidMr. Nanda Fernando, the Managing Director of Sampath Bank.

Registering for Slip-less transactions is simple and only requires customers to download the app, enter their name, NIC number, mobile number and create a password within the app. The customer will also have the option of inputting their account number and email address during the registration process for added convenience.

Using the Slip-less transaction facility then onwards will be simple and convenient with the inclusion of a few details. For deposits, the customer will only need to insert the account number and the amount to be deposited in the Slip-less transaction app. Withdrawals can be carried out just as easily, by SampathVishwausers, by entering their account number and the amount they wish to withdraw.

Those customers who have already registered their account number within the app will not need to enter it again for each transaction. Even those who are not Sampath Bank account holders can use the facility to make deposits to Sampath Bank accounts. The app also has the added benefit of providing customers with access to their transaction history on their mobile phone.

ommenting on this innovative launch, Dinusha Ihalananda, Deputy General Manager – Operations,said, “Innovation has always been the cornerstone of our banking philosophy. We have always tried to change the way people bank and think about banking. And now with Slip-less transactions we are once again changing the banking landscape. This latest innovation will free people from cumbersome paperwork and provide them with greater and secure access to their funds. Slip-less transactions is the wave of the future.

Established in 1987, Sampath Bank has become a state-of-the-art financial institution that continues to be a market leader today thanks to its constant innovation and customer focused approach to business. Its unique tailor-made solutions, superior services and convenience of access have allowed Sampath Bank to further differentiate itself from the competition and stand out as the bank of choice for many in Sri Lanka.