Spice Lane: A Sri Lankan gourmet experience

Introducing, Spice Lane – a food nook aimed at providing a Sri Lankan gourmet experience for the everyday traveller. Located in Kabalana, on the southern coast of the island, the restaurant is headed by Chef Nav, who hails from Sydney, Australia.

The meals served at the restaurant have been created with an emphasis on the many spices found in Sri Lanka.

From homemade pasta to in-house baked brioche buns, freshness and the best in quality is what Spice Lane prides itself upon. Each dish has been carefully crafted, ensuring flavours fuse together to create a mouthwatering experience with each bite.

Chef Nav is self-taught and passionate about food and serving what he calls modern Sri Lankan inspired fusion cuisine, using fresh local seasonal ingredients. Having spent his early childhood on the island, his culinary influences are a combination of local flavours and produce, and modern Australian cuisine.

His aspiration to introduce a different approach to food, while sticking to a certain level of authenticity is what gave birth to Spice Lane.

Established in 2012, the Ceilao Group is the holding company for family owned travel and leisure brands. Focusing on hospitality investments in Sri Lanka, their businesses cater to both a local and foreign demographic. Their brands are young and exciting, each offering a fresh and contemporary take on hospitality.

For more information visit http://instagram.com/spicelane.kabalana


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