Public warned of attempts to spread fears over aviation fuel

Certain parties are creating issues to destabilize the country, says the Ministry of Petroleum Resource Development.

Recently, the need of aviation fuel has become greater and a meeting was held to discuss the issue and review stocks on November 28.

A decision was taken at the meeting to purchase 14,000 metric tons of aviation fuel from Lanka India Oil Company (LIOC) as a suitable measure to maintain stocks.

The ship carrying aviation fuel arrived at Colombo Port on December 10. However, at the first sample tests done, it was observed that the fuel did not match the approved standards.

However, a second test was done according to the specifications of the Sri Lanka Petroleum Corporation and the fuel stocks were approved. As such the aviation fuel is now being unloaded.

The Ministry states with responsibility that the Sri Lanka Petroleum Corporation ensures the proper standards of aviation fuel and informs the general public that false information from certain parties with the intention of creating instability in the country should be rejected. (Colombo Gazette)


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