Pendi: Embracing a simple approach for interiors

When a designer is at the top of his or her game, an unmistakable sense of confidence, ease and spirit is evident in every detail. Introducing you to Pendi: specializing in interior design and décor.

Founder, Natalie Pendigrast has been a part of this industry for over ten years and her work reflects a collaborative relationship between furniture, function & form, client and designer.

Embracing a simple approach that embodies the necessities of living, Pendi loves to experiment with interiors thus transforming creations into timeless environments of modern living. With a sharp sense of colour and touches of whimsy, Pendi creations reflect each client’s unique personality.

Pendi offers a curated collection of interior lighting products and homeware designed in collaboration with a group of young and thriving designers, taking pride in supporting the local designers as well as local tradesmen. The material used are mostly unique to Sri Lanka showing a consistent focus on fine detailing and stability in a range of styles with an intuitive grasp of today’s needs.

Natalie brings together a handful of local designers creating masterpieces exclusively for “Pendi” that range from Marble homeware to Wooden items, Cement items, unique textile prints and event Batik homeware. With Ena designs on board together with Kavan Balasuriya of Studio Bala, Api Happi, Yathra (Batik) and lots more, Pendi hopes to liaise and introduce further young talent to their portfolio to expand the limited collection developed by them.

Design is never a static profession, Styles evolve, challenges propel and success is based on imaginative and inspiring intelligence. With Natalie’s dedication to customer satisfaction, passion and professionalism, Pendi brings it all together in a unique and functional way.

For bespoke interiors, lighting, design and much much more, visit Pendi located at Number 14, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7 or contact +94 776 640 808 for further inquiries.




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