Foreign tourists post nude images taken in Sri Lanka

Foreign tourists have posted nude images taken in Sri Lanka, some in public places despite the strong Buddhist culture followed in the country.

Nudity in public is not allowed in Sri Lanka and there have been instances where tourists have been arrested in the past for being nude in public.

The Daily Star reported that this year has seen a surge in the popularity of ditching clothes on holiday, with a number of Instagram pages dedicated to getting people’s kit off.

Pages of nudists at hotspots including Croatia, Sardinia and Russia have rocked the social media site in a bid to erase the stigma.

And the latest page to join the trend lies in Sri Lanka, where one woman has drawn almost 15,000 followers by posting tourists ditching social norms.

Aliya Thomas – who describes herself as a “Russian Aussie girl” promoting “body confidence” – has already published nearly 700 snaps from the holiday island.

Images show tourists at the Asian nation’s hotspots including beaches, forests and fancy hotels – all without clothing.

Other pictures capture loved-up couples smooching in the sun, without a single care for their absence of bodily cover.

Daily Star Online previously revealed how a similar page – called Croatia Nudism – had surged in popularity in the European nation.

Organisers issue recommendations for the best place in the country to go nude, and over 900 people have returned the favour by sending them their best snaps.

It has a following of 10k people and offers its advice on itineraries, resorts, cruises, boats and beaches. (Colombo Gazette)


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