The Singing Christmas Tree comes alive once again at MLH

The Singing Christmas Tree at Mount Lavinia Hotel will come alive this year from the 15th to 22nd December, adding to the line-up of events at the colonial heritage hotel.

Featuring a host of angelic voices of choirs from several leading schools in Colombo, the Singing Christmas Tree has become an iconic event at MLH, looked forward to by many.

Emerging from the tradition of singing around the Christmas tree, the first ‘Singing Christmas Tree’ also known as the ‘Living Christmas Tree’ was created in 1933 in Belhaven University, Jackson, Mississippi. The tree which was initially outdoors was subsequently incorporated indoors as part of Nativity plays.

It has evolved into a platform where such choirs as the Jesus College Choir from Cambridge, UK have performed in the past.

“We at Mount Lavinia Hotel take pride in initiating unique and exciting ideas in all events we host. The idea of the Singing Christmas Tree was novel to us when we introduced it several years ago, and every year Team MLH is equally excited to host this event. This is our way of welcoming the season of peace and joy,” commented Remauld Mack, Director Sales & Marketing of Mount Lavinia Hotel.


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