Great opportunities seen at Colombo Port City

The Sri Lanka Chamber of Construction Industry (CCI) says it sees great opportunities at the Colombo Port City.

The council members of the Sri Lanka Chamber of Construction Industry made an observational visit to the Port City Colombo construction site.

A technical presentation was made followed by a tour of the construction area. The executive council members of the CCI also had their monthly council meeting at the Port City Colombo site office.

The council members made positive remarks about the project and they found the tour informative as well as being a new experience.

Council members were seen questioning engineers in detail on the various aspects of the construction of Port City.

They had urged the management to afford them the opportunity of further visits to familiarize themselves with the workings of this new city by the sea.

The President of the Chamber, Ranjith Gunatilleke had requested the CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd employer’s representative, Wang Hao who was also a member of the council to extend visiting opportunities for aspiring architects and engineers in local universities.

He was of the opinion that they could inspect the site and understand the future prospects this gigantic development project held for them.

The Chamber of Construction saw great opportunity for these students to be a part of the development of Port City Colombo, which is expected to reach completion by 2040.


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