Chinese smartphones enter Sri Lankan market with Vivo

Leading Chinese smartphone Vivo officially entered the Sri Lankan market at a major launch event held in Colombo.

The entry will see Chinese smartphones competing for a market share which is at present dominated by South Korean and Finnish brands.

China’s Vivo announced its official entry to the Sri Lankan market with the introduction of its ​24 ​Megapixel ​Selfie-Shooter ​V7 ​to ​Sri ​Lanka.

Vivo, ​the ​fast-growing ​global ​smartphone ​brand ​unveiled ​its ​newest ​member ​of ​the ​Vivo V-Series, ​the ​V7 ​in ​Colombo.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Song, the Vivo Director for the South Asian region noted that both Sri Lanka and China enjoy deep bilateral relations.

Song said that his company will look to build the Chinese brand in Sri Lanka and give consumers a new experience in smartphones.

​Equipped ​with ​revolutionary ​technologies ​including ​the ​24MP front ​camera ​and ​FullView ​Display, ​the ​V7  is ​the ​latest ​addition ​to ​Vivo’s ​selfie-shooter ​series known ​for ​its ​exceptional ​photography ​features, ​screen ​quality ​and ​the ​overall ​product ​design.

​Having ​recently ​entered ​the ​value-conscious ​Sri Lankan ​smartphone ​market, ​Vivo ​continues ​its ​growth trajectory ​globally ​by ​adding ​value ​to ​consumer lifestyles ​through ​the ​most ​innovative ​next ​generation devices, ​offering ​outstanding, ​highly-differentiated audio ​visual ​experiences ​to ​customers.

With ​its ​groundbreaking ​24MP ​front ​camera, ​the ​V7 reinforces ​Vivo’s ​leadership ​in ​selfies, ​producing striking ​pictures ​with ​true-to-life ​color ​and ​contrast that ​allow ​users ​to ​click ​the ​perfect ​selfie ​anytime, anywhere.

The ​V7 ​is ​loaded ​with ​smart ​photography ​algorithms ​and ​additional ​features ​such ​as ​Face Beauty ​7.0 ​to ​create ​exceptional ​quality, ​natural-looking ​selfies ​with ​brighter ​complexion, ​even ​in dimly ​lit ​environments. ​The ​V7’s ​Portrait ​Mode ​adds ​background ​blurring ​for ​sharper ​contrast and ​visual ​appeal ​to ​generate ​stunning ​selfies ​that ​can ​compete ​with ​professional ​photography.

The ​V7 ​comes ​with ​an ​18:9 ​aspect ​ratio ​FullViewTM ​5.7-inch ​display, ​offering ​12.5% ​more ​visual display ​area ​compared ​to ​traditional ​16:9 ​screens, ​making ​reading, ​browsing ​and ​navigating easier ​and ​more ​efficient. ​83.6 ​% ​screen-to-body ​ratio also makes the V7 great for gaming with an inbuilt Gaming Mode that offers functions such as No Notifications and Floating Call Alerts for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

The ​V7 ​is ​equipped ​with ​a ​64-bit ​Qualcomm ​octa-core ​CPU ​and ​4GB ​RAM, ​ensuring ​a ​smooth and ​seamless ​user ​experience. ​Its ​Funtouch ​3.2 ​OS ​is ​also ​built ​with ​user-friendly ​features ​such as ​Smart ​Split ​3.0, ​making ​the ​V7 ​highly ​compatible ​with ​today’s ​demanding ​and ​fast ​lifestyle.

In ​addition ​to ​the ​fingerprint, ​the ​V7 ​offers ​users ​the ​highest ​level ​of ​security ​with ​Vivo’s ​Face Access ​technology, ​providing ​an ​easy ​and ​convenient ​way ​to ​unlock ​your ​phone.

A ​thriving ​global ​smartphone ​brand ​focusing ​on ​introducing ​perfect ​sound ​quality ​and ​ultimate photography ​with ​cutting-edge ​technology, ​Vivo ​develops ​dynamic ​and ​stylish ​products ​for passionate ​young ​people. ​Vivo ​makes ​stylish ​smartphones ​with ​cutting-edge ​technology accessible ​to ​young ​people ​and ​professionals ​around ​the ​world. ​

Vivo now ​has ​close ​to ​200 million ​users ​to ​date ​and ​is ​one ​of ​the ​preferred ​brands ​of ​young ​people ​around ​the ​world. ​As the ​exclusive ​smartphone ​sponsor ​of ​the ​2018 ​and ​2022 ​FIFA ​World ​Cup, ​Vivo ​believes ​in ​the importance ​of ​encouraging ​young ​people ​to ​embrace ​self-expression ​and ​an ​energetic ​lifestyle.

According ​to ​Counterpoint’s ​latest ​research, ​Vivo ​was ​ranked ​as ​the ​fifth ​largest ​smartphone manufacturer ​globally ​in ​Q3 ​of ​2017, ​with ​a ​market ​share ​of ​7.1%. ​Vivo ​recorded ​the ​highest year-over-year ​growth ​of ​32% ​in ​global ​smartphone ​shipments.

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Pictures by Easwaran Rutnam


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