Online payment portal now bigger and better

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us have hectic schedules with little or no time to even run simple errands like purchasing groceries or paying bills. While the advent of online shopping and online bill payments has made our lives a bit more convenient, we are still faced with having to visit multiple websites and payment portals, one for each specific task.

Doing away with this hassle is Sampath Bank’s refreshed one stop, universal online payment platform,

Yet another innovative solution from Sampath Bank, payeasy.lkis a simple, unified web portal that allows consumers to make real time payments to a vast selection of vendors and service providers using their existing Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards issued by any bank.Users can gain access by completing a simple, one-time registration process by themselves.

In addition to paying by credit cards, Sampath Vishwa customers have the added convenience of being able to access the portal with their existing Vishwa credentials and make payments using the funds in their Sampath Bank accounts.

From utility bills to school fees; insurance premiums to hospital bills; vehicle rentals to servicing and repair bills; leisure and recreation to charitable donations;and much more, a wide variety of payments can be made through

We created as a secure and convenient, one stop alternative for consumers who have had to run from pillar to post, either physically or online, to make individual payments. We have given the portal a complete makeover and made it much more user friendly. The interface has been designed to make it easier for users to make payments in a matter of moments and get on with their busy schedules,”said Mr. Rajendra Ranasinghe, Assistant General Manager – IT Business Development, Sampath Bank.

The recent upgrade has made more user friendly while bringing inadded functionality. It’s new, responsive design provides a seamless user experience across any device including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The look and feel of the interface too has been refreshed and the categories of Payees arenow listed in the home page. Users receive email and SMS updates on every payment they make through the portal. They can select multiple payeesand pay them all in one go. Allowing users to search and view their payment history, repeat recurring payments and print receipts,this new iteration of payeasy.lkis set to make their lives a lot easier.

“We understand the difficulties consumers face when having to either physically go to each merchant’s location and wait in long queues or visit multiple websites and online payments platforms to settle individual bills. Therefore, we created, a unified web portal that allows you to pay all your bills in one go from within a single website. In a bid to allow all Sri Lankans to avail the convenience and security offered by this platform, we have also made it bank independent. Consumers can use their Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards issued by any bank to make payments through,” said Ms. Nadi B. Dharmasiri, Head of Marketing, Sampath Bank.

With more merchant partners continuing to get onboard, Sampath Bank invites all Sri Lankans to experience the convenience afforded by this one stop, universal online payment platform.


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