Second Curve launched during SLIM Brand Excellence Awards

Second Curve (Pvt) Ltd. was formally launched at the 16th SLIM Brand Excellence Awards, held on 21st November 2017 at BMICH.

Pioneering the next generation of market research in Sri Lanka, their value proposition is to gather insight into people’s emotions and human nature, translated into value creation for your business advantage.

Their solutions, horned through unparalleled insight, are guaranteed to solve business challenges you encounter today and any encountered in the days to come.

Coupling high-tech methodology with holistic human understanding, Second Curve provides actionable insights that drive business efficiency. If you want to evaluate the progress of your brand building or advertising campaign, they give insights you can take to the bank.

Second Curve challenges the boundaries of market research strategies hitherto taken as the indifferent norm in Sri Lanka. Proprietary methodology is specifically designed to turn human understanding into a business advantage for the benefit of their corporate clientele.

The grassroot level data collection is mostly from individual emotional, intuitive and instinctive reactions to stimuli, rather than from conducting a self-reporting and post-rationalized survey. Armed with their vast network of returning clients and customised research designs that are rarely repeated, Second Curve is corporate savvy, well informed and sensitive to what goes on in urban, suburban and rural communities.

Second Curve was born from Thomas Kuhn’s ‘paradigm shift’ in mind. The company’s renovated philosophy points out that before progress inevitably reaches a peak, it is vital to embark on a path different from the existing. This is the next growth curve of a business success that they guarantee their clients.


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