Tantalising Turkish treats at the Graze Kitchen

By Daphne Charles

Are your taste buds hankering after a new sensation? Fancy a Turkish tuck-in? Then head over to the Hilton Colombo, where a Turkish food promotion is currently underway.

Offering an inviting spread of international cuisine, the Graze Kitchen at the Colombo Hilton has never failed to impress. Now on offer, till the 28th of November, is the culinary expertise of two chefs flown in from Turkey.

Chef Ali Demir and Chef Ender Arslan from Hilton Istanbul take pride in presenting their signature dishes to discerning diners of Colombo.

The variety of Turkish food typically available today is Ottoman cuisine that is influenced by the preparations of neighboring regions. Marked by a lighter use of spices, it allows for savouring the main ingredient with complementing additions. Thus there are interesting flavours infused to familiar ingredients such as eggplant, fish, chicken and lamb.

Guest chefs Demir and Arslan have done an impressive job in whipping up a mouth-watering spread. The meaty mains of succulent chicken, beef and lamb will satisfy the meat-lover in you, the soft subtly-flavoured fish is delightfully delectable and the carefully chosen array of vegetables will be the perfect accompaniment. Strangely though, you might not find the traditional Turkish Delight in the desserts corner, but there’s an array of sweet treats to make up for it, providing a perfect winding up to a satisfying meal.

The pides and pilavis of this Turkish feast feature alongside the Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine featured regularly at the Graze Kitchen. So for those who fancy a mix-and-match for their palettes, the choice is available. Priced at 3888/- nett the Turkish promotion is a must try for an appetizing Ottoman experience. (Colombo Gazette)





Pictures by Easwaran Rutnam


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