PM gives his side of the story to treasury bond commission

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says he clarified matters related to the treasury bond issue to the Presidential Commission investigating the alleged treasury bond scam.

The Prime Minister appeared before the commission today and was questioned for over an hour.

Several United National Party members and Ministers also attended the hearing.

The Prime Minister later told reporters he had nothing to hide and that all matters were clarified during the hearings today.

He also said that good governance will continue in the country even if there are a few faults on the way.

After recording statements from the Prime Minister, the commission investigating the 2015 treasury bond issue, concluded hearings and will submit its final report before December 8 to President Maithripala Sirisena. (Colombo Gazette)




Pictures by Lalith Perera



  1. Ranil cannot go to defend for the claims against him as the “Prime Minister” and he is influencing the judges to favour him. He should step down before doing it. What kind of Yahapalanaya Sirisena promised to Sri Lanka? If Prime Minister can cheat the country what else you can expect from him? All the crooks called Ministers are attending to protect their seats and position in Parliament. This will be the biggest joke of the century and Ranil deserves big punishment such as banning civic rights for the crime he committed.


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