Prime Minister warns of stern action against extremists

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today warned that stern action will be taken against extremists who attempt to create discord among the communities.

The Prime Minister said that the relevant authorities are keeping a close watch on such extremist groups.

He said this during a visit to Gintota today to inspect the damage caused by the violence in the area and to meet with the affected families.

The Prime Minister said that some individuals used social media to spread false information with regards to theĀ Gintota incident and attempted to ignite communal clashes in the country.

He said the main focus of the current Government, which took office in 2015 was to ensure reconciliation and unity among all communities.

However he noted that some elements who are against the Government are attempting to scuttle the unity among the communities.

The Prime Minister said that tight security will be maintained inĀ Gintota till the situation is completely under control.

He also said that the damage to property has been assessed and compensation will be provided.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s office quoted residents in the area as saying that some “outsiders” had attempted to add fuel to the fire when the violence broke out.

The violence erupted between Muslims and Sinhalese in the area on Friday following a road accident.

The Police, Special Task Force and Army have been deployed to provide security. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. All politicians please get together and you need to educate Muslims how to respect the Law in the country as majority of Muslims are reluctant respect the Law of Sri Lanka. Probably their religion does not give this environment; so the government should take initiatives to educate Muslims on the importance of being a part of peaceful culture in Sri Lanka.


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