SC orders compensation for UK tourist with Buddha tattoo

The Supreme Court today ordered the authorities to pay compensation to a British tourist who was deported from Sri Lanka in 2014 for having a Buddha tattoo on her arm.

A three-judge bench ordered that the Government pay Rs. 500,000 as compensation and 200,000 as costs while the two policemen who arrested her were ordered to pay Rs. 50,000 each as compensation.

Naomi Coleman, 37, was detained at the airport after she arrived from India in 2014 when the authorities spotted the tattoo of Buddha seated on a lotus flower.

She was sent before a magistrate who ordered her deportation. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Respecting a religion does not have to be in Law books. Probably the slave government in Sri Lanka believes that LTTE Terrorists can kill Buddhist Monks and still its Ok because they voted for them. Aranthalawa massacre of monks was never discussed while fake torture claims of Terrorists were taken seriously.
    Not long ago, an Australian teacher was given death penalty by a muslim country in Africa for calling a doll “Mohamad”; finally teacher was rescued by international peacekeepers but the muslim courts were never challenged for compensation. Why this lady gets the compensation; “sorry” is the only way to settle this. The country who has a Prime Minister that robs the Central Bank for billions of dollars, can do these cheap humiliation to Police and other armed forces. Probably only country in the world to prosecute own forces because of Slave nature of government.


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