Wigneswaran claims some Tamils in the North were abused

Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran claims some Tamils in the North had been abused by the military.

In a letter to the Associated Press (AP) Wigneswaran said he had previously urged the UN rights chief to demand an independent investigation into the incidents.

“Unfortunately, this was overlooked,” he told the AP “… if the international mechanism was in place it would have acted as a deterrent to these military sadists.”

Sri Lanka’s government faced increasing pressure Friday to answer for alleged human rights violations following an Associated Press investigation that found more than 50 men who said they were raped, branded or tortured as recently as this year.

The men’s anguished descriptions of their abuses come nearly a decade after Sri Lanka’s civil war ended and days ahead of a review of the Indian Ocean nation by the U.N.’s top human rights body.

Doctors, psychologists, lawmakers and rights groups have appealed to the United Nations to investigate the new allegations published by The Associated Press on Wednesday. The AP reviewed 32 medical and psychological evaluations and interviewed 20 men who said they were accused of trying to revive a rebel group on the losing side of Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war. All the men are members of the country’s Tamil ethnic minority.

Yasmin Sooka, director of the South Africa-based Foundation for Human Rights, said she hopes the review will spur member states to ask Sri Lanka tough questions. She also urged the U.N. to establish an independent body to investigate the allegations — much like it did in Guatemala.

“There is no real framework for witness security in Sri Lanka,” said Sooka. “As it stands now, the very people who are accused of such violations would essentially be in charge of investigating themselves.”

U.N. human rights office spokesman Rupert Colville said “we are currently looking into these alarming allegations to work out the best way for them to be further investigated.” (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran is in a Lala land. There is a possibility for those dark minds to revive a rebel group; because they won’t think anything differently other than killing others. Even the US army admitted that they do waterboarding to get the truth.

  2. Sri Lankan Government forces were fighting with an illegal Terrorist Group called LTTE which was supported by more than 95% of Tamils around the world. Until defeated by SL Forces, LTTE was funded by almost one billion (1000 million) US Dollars by these Tamils and currently this money is paid to International Agencies and various politicians to attack Sri Lankan Government using false accusations. Politicians in Canada, England, Norway, “Geneva” and also in Sri Lanka are paid healthy sums of bribes and these people are constantly talking about LTTE and Tamils being tortured despite people in their countries having more trouble than Tamil Terrorists. Probably, Wigi is forced to make comments to protect his position but he knows how many thousands Police and Army, Navy, and innocent civilians were tortured to death by this Brutal Tamil Terrorist Group; and made videos of torturing, to be distributed among Tamils living overseas to collect money for LTTE campaign. Wigneswaran is a shameless person to claim this way as he is supporting Terrorism by making such unfair comments without revealing what Tamil Terrorists did.

    • Forget about torturing. How many bombs had been exploded in public places by Tamil terrorists killing thousands of Sinhalese Muslim and Tamils; such as in Colombo and border villages? How many ships were sunk by same terrorists? How many brand new Aero-Planes were burnt by the ruthless terrorists? How many Parliamentarians including the SL President, Ministers killed by them?
      Sinhalese did not do tit for tat so Tamil Terrorists took these as weaknesses; rather than part of forgiving culture in Sri Lanka. It is pathetic that Tamils as Hindus killing people, as Hinduism is one of the most peaceful religions in the world; but Tamils did not respect this peaceful religion.


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