Cake – mixing at Royal Colombo Golf Club

Royal Colombo Golf Club which is rich with 137 years of traditions and taking pride in being the second oldest Royal Golf Club outside the United Kingdom, recently celebrated the start of the Christmas Season by hosting a cake – mixing event at the main restaurant of the Club House.

In the true spirit of Christmas, General Manager –  Nalin Jayetileke (Wing Commander SLAF Rtd), Executive Chef – Anura De Silva, Head of Administration & Finance – Palitha Gunaratne, other Chefs and members of the Management Staff were attired with aprons and chefs’ hats to lend a hand with the mixing that will make the best Christmas cake in the town.

The mixture of ingredients of cherries, cashews, plums, raisins, sultanas, strawberry jam, candied peel, ginger preserve, pumpkin preserve, weighing 30 kgs. received a good soak in rum, dark rum & apricot brandy.

The cake and other Christmas goodies will be ready to serve from the 1st of December 2017at the Club House.

Also, the restaurant will present scrumptious menus for the Christmas Eve dinner buffet on 24th December 2017 and Christmas lunch buffet on 25th December 2017.

We are pleased to begin Christmas festivities this year as usual, with the cake-mixing event at Royal Colombo Golf Club. The Christmas season is very much important to us, and we look forward in making it a memorable time for members and their guests.





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