Timeless Classics with Soundarie and Shey

“Timeless Classics”, featuring the much loved Soundarie David and Shey Liyanage, is a concert to raise funds toward two of the Rotary Club of Colombo East’s anchor projects namely, Project BEAP—Accident and Emergency Trauma Unit Centre at the Teaching Hospital in Batticaloa, and the eradication of dengue which has claimed many lives in the island over the last few years. The Rotary Club of Colombo East is proud to partner with Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo for this worthy cause.

“The Trauma Centre of the Emergency and Accident Services at the Batticaloa Hospital is to be upgraded and modelled after the Karapitiya Emergency Hospital, a previous project of the Rotary Club of Colombo East. This initiative is a long overdue need in Batticaloa as the Eastern Province has approximately 7 lives being lost each day and many more persons injured.” says Indrajith Fernando, President of the Rotary Colombo East. He further adds, “We are also engaged in multiple dengue eradication projects across the island which include funding research in the hope of bringing about medical-science breakthroughs in this field”. The Rotary Club Colombo East appreciates the support extended by the Government of Sri Lanka on both these projects.

The Eastern province, in addition to its high population, also boasts of the best surfing facilities in the world, drawing thousands of tourists each year from across the globe and the rest of the island too. Ensuring better healthcare for both the local community and tourists in Batticaloa was at the heart of the Club’s efforts with both Rotary Colombo East, and the Rotary Club Strathmore in Melbourne joining hands.

A sum of two million (USD) has been donated to the project by local and foreign donors thus far, and with the “Timeless Classics” concert the Rotary Club are confident of driving further funding for this national minded project that is surely the need of the hour. Timeless Classics will feature an amazing line up of talent including Soundarie David, Shehara (Shey) Liyanage and more. Timeless Classics will take place at the Shangri-La Ballroom on 26 November 2017, and as the largest ballroom in the city, this is the ideal venue for an event of this nature.

Timothy Wright, Vice President and General Manager of Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo, had this to say, “Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo is very happy to partner with the Rotary Club Colombo East on this project to work toward enhancing facilities at the Batticaloa Hospital and also the eradication of dengue”. Timothy elaborates, “Embracing such initiatives allows Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo to endorse both research toward long term solutions for pressing national issues, whilst also contributing toward immediate solutions. This is our commitment to the communities in which we operate”.

The historic city of Batticaloa belonging to the eastern seaboard enjoys a spectacular position surrounded by lagoons, a fortress and sandy beaches that is considered a surfer’s paradise. Batticaloa however has seen more than its share of troubles over the years and the need for further developing the towns hospital was initially identified in the year 2004 when the devastating Tsunami took thousands of lives and left many more needing medical attention. “The hospitals were overwhelmed and under resourced not only in terms of doctors and nurses, but in terms of operating theaters, recovery rooms and wards. Even after the Tsunami, over the years, it has been seen that the hospital required more development and it is in this context that we are we are eager to see the second Trauma Unit by the Rotary Club being completed”, says Nihal de Run, CEO of Project BEAP, Rotary Club of Colombo.

Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo’s Room and Restaurant Offer, specially created for all Rotarians, includes Dinner Buffet at the Table One – the all-day dining restaurant will serve as a gateway to explore market-style, world cuisine with multiple action stations boasting the fine showmanship of the chefs at Shangri-La Hotel Colombo, offer is valid only on 26 November 2017.

It is quite the venue related debut for the most versatile performer of the Western soul genre in Sri Lanka. Soundarie would have been featured many times over at all other five star hotels and venues around the world, but the debut at Shagri-La makes this performance special.

Founded in 1905 by Chicago based lawyer, Paul Harris, the Rotary movement has for more than a century dedicated itself to the advancement of humanity, and the progress of society. The Rotary Movement in Sri Lanka, has it’s origins in the 1929 Charter of the Rotary Club of Colombo, followed closely by rapid establishment of branches in all parts of the island. Over the past decades, Rotary has been a partner in consistent social progress, most notably in the eradication of Polio in Sri Lanka, and across most parts of the world. In the 1960s Rotary founded it’s youth arms of Interact and Rotaract to inculcate in young people, the same service ideals from a their teenage and upward..

“Timeless Classics” is a musical show directed at raising finances to support the National Trauma Service in Sri Lanka, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, to purchase an Ultrasound machine for the Batticoloa Teaching Hospital. All funds remaining will benefit the Dengue Eradication Program, commissioned in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. It will be a debut charity event at the Shangri-La Hotel on the 26th of November from 5 pm onward. Considering the positive social changes sought, all the professional artists have volunteered to perform free of charge.

Tickets Timeless Classics are priced at VIP invites at LKR 10,000, Gold and Silver LKR 7500 and LKR 5000 respectively, can be purchased at tickets.lk first week. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] or Call + 94 77 359 6651 for inquiries.


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