Clean eating at Galle Face Hotel vegan week

Over 150 years of history and heritage later, the Galle Face Hotel continues to lead culinary trends in Sri Lanka. With a focus on promoting clean eating, the iconic hotel has now introduced a special Vegan Week from the 13th to the 17th of November 2017.

This novel initiative is among the first of its kind to make an appearance on Colombo’s food scene, which over the years has acquired a unique identity of its own while still keeping up with global culinary trends. Veganism has taken the world by storm as a movement that is centred on healthy, plant-based eating and perhaps more importantly, it has been shown to have a positive impact on our planet. There is a growing understanding of the environmental cost of meat production and other agricultural issues which makes the idea of a vegetable-driven diet more attractive and, for some, also the responsible thing to do.

Guests will be treated to a completely vegan experience, free from any animal products used in food preparation or presentation. “With the increasing interest on healthy living and widespread awareness on sustainably sourced products, the Galle Face Hotel wanted to introduce Vegan Week in order to do our part in promoting this movement. We also introduced this initiative to be more inclusive and cater to the growing community of vegans here in Colombo” stated Mr. Deni Ohlsen-Dukic, General Manager, The Galle Face Hotel. The events are open to anyone interested in trying out vegan food. “It is possible to eat a completely plant-based diet which is not only healthy but delicious!” added Ohlsen-Dukic.

Walk in Vegan Culinary Workshop

Vegan Week at the Galle Face Hotel kicks off with a culinary workshop on November 13th from 6 to 8 p.m. The workshop will be hosted by Chef Tora who flew in from Sweden for this especially curated Vegan Week. As a food and meal scientist, Chef Tora will provide information on veganism and share recipes for clean eating. The workshop will be conducted in partnership with the Sri Lanka Youth Climate Action Network (SLYCAN). The workshop will also touch on a global movement called #MeatlessMondays which has a very simple message: once a week, cut the meat. Chef Tora will talk to guests about how going meatless as little as once a week can affect the health of our planet.

Vegan Cocktail

On November 17th, the Galle Face Hotel will treat guests to a completely Vegan cocktail event with all-natural nibbles, and dessert. Chef Tora has paid meticulous attention to the food in order to give guests the best experience possible. The ingredients are cruelty-free and locally sourced, with all natural products used for flavour and colour.

For reservations, please call (+94) 777 222 135 / (+94) 112 541 010 or email


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