Sri Lankans among 34 people who converted to Islam in Oman

Men and women from various nationalities, including Sri Lanka, converted to Islam in Oman last month.

A total of 34 people converted, according to the Department of Islamic Identity and Cultural Exchange at the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Oman.

Two men and 14 women of Philippine nationality, six women from Uganda and four women from Sri Lanka all converted, according to the ministry, in addition to two women from China and a man and a woman from India, two men and two women from other nationalities.

The Department of Islamisation has a continuous role in spreading Islamic culture and educating the non-Muslim communities to enter Islam through the establishment of awareness programs and guidance.

The Department has a significant contribution with other institutions in order to deliver the message of Islam to non-Muslims in a clear and simple way. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How much money, you paid to the people of other faith to convert to islam? Those who are converted do not know the dirty tricks of the muslims who follow a pagan,barbaric religion.We regret for those guillible fools.

  2. I’m feel very happy due to that reason dini of allah continous enter different peope even me I love islam but it is not easy to run about islam becouse location has mojor peple to I converted islam in 2013 but after finish secondary my parents refuse to pay school fees due to not we are one family but know l tried to be far for them you may contact me inshallah , email:,whatssp :+250783886010

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