Eight, except Hirunika admit to Dematagoda abduction

Eight suspects, except Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra, today admitted in court they had abducted an individual in Dematagoda.

Premachandra and the other suspects had been accused of being involved in the 2015 abduction of an individual.

The eight suspects today admitted before the Colombo High Court that they were involved in the abduction. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This verdict is given by UNP headquarters that instruction to Court By Ranil Wicks?
    That how Hunika has been releases free of charges from the court case?
    Judiciary is belongs UNP

  2. Hirunika Premachandra should be convicted for the crime as other 8 people did not have a motive to abduct the person, without Hirunika. She consistently complained and changed the Doctors in the prison saying this is Yahapalanaya. Then how- come she is rejecting the CCTV evidence as whole world knows who she is and what she did. Please treat her with the highest possible punishment.


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