Sothys Youth Intensive Treatment: Up to 6 years off your skin

As 2017 comes to a close, Sothys introduces their ultra-sophisticated anti-ageing treatment… the SOTHYS Youth Intensive Treatment.

This treatment combines ultra-targeted products with expert application methods and patented formula’s to deliver results like never before!Advanced research is a part of the Sothys DNA and to preserve ones youth against the signs of ageing the ingredients include ‘bP3 TRI-COMPLEX ™’ which is a combination of Saffron, Sophora and Peptides; the secret formula behind the success of this treatment.

The effectiveness of this facial is encapsulated in five key steps, and no fewer than eight specific formulas – With just 3 treatments, you will experience skin that is up to six years younger, with guaranteed results from the very first treatment.What’s even more exciting is the brightening effects of the treatment which can be enjoyed by all women and men over the age of 25!

Apart from the professional treatment Sothys has formulated 5 youth creams for home use to target: Re-densifying, Restructuring, Vitality, Firming and Wrinkles, which will protect the skin to preserve its beauty and diminish the signs of ageing on a daily basis.





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