Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sri Lanka

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sri Lanka is the first international fashion week to launch in Sri Lanka and pepped to be the platform for showcasing the fashion & apparel industry of Sri Lanka & South Asia took place from the 27th – 29th of October 2017.

The event incorporates a multitude of fashion shows and activities, which offer the visitor a unique view of fashion from young design talent show cases to unique textiles to contemporary fashion and the unique Sri Lankan, sustainable apparel industry.

Embracing a variety
of business areas, the festival is highly relevant to a broad audience including international designers, sustainable fashion experts, apparel industry manufacturers and supply chain from Sri Lanka and the region, opinion leaders, educationalists, fashion & design followers, as well as buyers and retailers.

Emerging as South Asia’s new fashion innovation nucleus, Sri Lanka is home to a fascinating fashion economy that has one of the world’s best production infrastructures owing to the island’s massive apparel manufacturing industry. This, teamed with the country’s ancient artisanal textile heritage, freshly groomed contemporary design talent, changing consumers and allure as a travel destination of old-world charm, presents new possibilities that harness fashion’s power in interesting ways.

This is why the latest edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks is being held amidst the paradisiacal beauty of Sri Lanka, capturing its evolution to become a new power-player in fashion’s new world order.

Mercedes-Benz is a household name across the globe and is known as an icon of style. As part of its international brand philosophy, Mercedes-Benz supports fashion innovation all over the world. This is what is being brought over to Sri Lanka. With Mercedes-Benz’s massive, international fashion grid, local fashion becomes part of a global network that brings about recognition and opportunities that were inaccessible before.  






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