Government insists Tamils have an issue which needs a solution

The Government today insisted that Tamils have an issue which needs to be addressed through Constitutional amendments.

Cabinet co-spokesman and Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera said that devolution of powers is the only way the issue faced by Tamils in the North can be addressed.

“Even the former Government said at the time they want to devolve powers to the provinces through 13 plus (13th Amendment plus),” he said.

Jayasekera told reporters today that politicians and the public must not think as extremists and instead must look to resolve the issues in the country.

He said that now is the best time to address the issues faced by Tamils after years of war.

The Sports Minister said that if anyone attempts to push the Tamils towards extremism then the Tamils may respond accordingly.

He said the Government is of the view that the National issue, including the issues faced by the Tamils, must be addressed.

The Minister also said that some elements are misleading the Chief Prelates with regards to the Constitution.

He said that a final draft on the new Constitution has not been presented and so the Chief Prelates must not be mislead.

“First a final draft must be presented then we can debate it. Without a final draft why make an issue of it,” he said.

Jayasekera said the Government will look to have further talks with the Chief Prelates on the process to draft a new Constitution.

The cabinet co-spokesman also insisted that the Government will not target the security forces for alleged war crimes through a new Constitution. (Colombo Gazette)


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