Air Force to overhaul planes, manufacture light aircraft

The Sri Lanka Air Force hopes to overhaul its fleet and also begin manufacturing light aircraft in the near future.

Sri Lanka Air Force Commander Kapila Jayampathy said that the Air Force fleet needs to meet the changing environment.

He said that a request has been made to acquire sophisticated planes for the Air Force to strengthen its operations.

Jayampathy said that some of the planes with the Air Force have passed its life span and need to be replaced.

He also said that some planes have been damaged by birds and animals or were damaged during the war and have been repaired.

The Air Force Commander said that the Air Force also hopes to work with the Navy to conduct joint surveillance at sea.

“We will conduct joint surveillance to prevent any smuggling operations into Sri Lanka and damage being caused to Sri Lanka’s resources at sea,” he said.

Kapila Jayampathy said that the Air Force also found it needs to be on par with foreign countries and will begin manufacturing light aircraft.

He said that while the Air Force at present only conducts air craft maintenance, steps will be taken next year to begin manufacturing light aircraft. (Colombo Gazette)


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