Too much sugar harms your Liver

By Dr. Harold

Those who consume sweet drinks, ice cream, and other foods with added sugar, may harm your liver. Some have a craving for sugary foods, lose control and eat more than you planned. Your brain cells love sugar and see as a reward, which makes you want more of it.

In addition to stressing your pancreas to produce more insulin resulting in insulin resistance, the liver to get harmed.

Eating too much sugar-rich diet increases your levels of fat (triglycerides) in your blood and the liver, and cause an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Sugar piles empty calories and result in obesity which also causes accumulation of excess fat in your liver. Excess sugar also creates a more metabolic activity for the liver.

Excess fat accumulation in the liver is considered unhealthy and may suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Alcohol too can produce a fatty liver called ‘Alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD). Both fatty liver diseases can lead to hardening of the liver with fibrous tissue- a condition called cirrhosis. This condition interferes with the normal activities and functions of the liver and cause fluid retention in the tummy (ascites) and the lower extremities (edema) and lead to heart failure, and a condition called pulmonary hypertension.

Increase incidence of fatty liver is observed in some children who consume sugary drinks, fizzy drinks, and sweets. This raises much concern for the future health of the young generation and teenagers, resulting in a rise of fatal liver disease in adults.

Sugar is also found in candy, sodas cakes, cookies, sauces, condiments and added to most curries as in Chinese cuisine.

In New York, all sweet drinks are banned for schoolchildren and the incidence of obesity among school children seems to be lessening.

Parents must discourage giving their kids, ice creams; chocolates contain a lot of sugar, and drinks with added corn syrup.

It is bad for their teeth causing early decay and affects their metabolism in all sorts of ways.

Cutting down on foods containing added sugar will solve the obesity, fatty liver disease and cardiovascular events for your better health.


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