President wants special security for archaeological sites

President Maithripala Sirisena has issued instructions to implement a special security program to protect places of archaeological value in remote areas, with the help of the Police, Civil Security Force and Archaeological Department.

He further directed the officials to expand the prevailing security in the places of archaeological value including the places in the North and the East, provided by the Civil Security Force.

The President also directed the relevant authorities to implement a special program to preserve the tampita viharas (temples on pillars), a special kind of Buddhist temple.

The President issued the directives at a meeting held on the conservation of tampita viharas in Sri Lanka. The meeting was held today at the Presidential Secretariat.

The building of tampita vihara, the temples built on pillars was popular in Sri Lanka during the Kandy and Gampola periods. There are 204 tampita viharas recognized in Sri Lanka and six of them have been preserved. The preservation work is being carried out on another 85 tampita viharas.


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