AG advice sought to file action on railway employees on strike

The advice of the Attorney General (AG) has been sought to file action on the railway employees who launched a lightning strike last evening.

Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said that the railway unions had launched a strike without giving prior notice.

He said that the actions of the railway unions had resulted in hundreds of passengers being stranded yesterday and today.

The Minister noted that some of the demands made by the unions were unacceptable.

He said that the Police and Attorney General (AG) had been urged to look at taking legal action against the unions engaged in the strike.

A tense situation arose at the Fort railway station last evening after train services were cancelled as a result of a sudden strike.

Stranded passengers vented their anger at the railway authorities following the cancellation of train services.

The strike was launched by engine drivers and rail guards.

Special Police teams were deployed to the Fort railway station to bring the situation under control. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There will be no permanent solution until the corrupt government is chased away. They have betrayed the country and should not be in power.


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