Sri Lanka defends enforcing UN resolution on North Korea

Sri Lanka today defended the decision taken to enforce a United Nations (UN) resolution on North Korea.

Foreign Minister Tilak Marapana told Parliament that Sri Lanka, as a member of the UN, has an obligation to implement any UN resolution.

The opposition questioned the Government’s decision to enforce the UN resolution.

Marapana said that the decision to enforce the UN resolution was taken after weeks of discussions.

The Government, had over the weekend, enforced the UN resolution in a gazette notice related to North Korea while a separate gazette was also issued on a UN resolution related to nuclear and chemical weapons.

The gazette notice on North Korea notes that a person in Sri Lanka or a citizen of Sri Lanka outside Sri Lanka will be prohibited from supplying, selling or transfering, directly or indirectly, any item or any luxury item designated by the United Nations Security Council to any person in North Korea or any person acting on behalf of North Korea.

The gazette also says a person shall not cause or permit a vessel or an aircraft to be used for the purpose of carrying out activities specified in the resolution or for purposes of procurement of coal, iron, iron ore, copper, nickel, silver and zinc, or statues from North Korea or by their nationals.

The Sri Lankan Government also said that a person in Sri Lanka or a citizen of Sri Lanka outside Sri Lanka will be prohibited from providing or receiving assets, financial services, technical training, advice, services or assistance related to the provision, manufacture, production, possession, acquisition maintenance, stockpiling, storage, development, transportation, transfer or use of any designated item to any person in North Korea or any citizen of North Korea. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Earlier, USA was accusing Iraq for having Weapons of Mass destruction and asked the help from other countries to attack Iraq. Saddam Hussein was a good friend of USA for long time but later treated like an enemy. We do not know real story behind North Korea, but Sri Lanka is supporting as a blind follower of the West now. As a small country, it is good to be a friend of Asian countries than the West who will treat Sri Lanka in the same way they treated Iraq once their mission is done.


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