Zeppelin turns tables to bring back vinyls and record players

Zeppelin has, throughout its 35-year history, brought in outstanding and innovative products.

Now, to help Sri Lankans ride the wave of vinyl’srevival they have introduced this cool belt-driven three speed Briefcase Record Player with true portability and fitted with unbelievable technology such as dynamic full range stereo speakers, RCA, head phone jack outputs, USB port, Bluetooth transmitter, SD card and battery backup.

Their aim is to create excitement in the minds and hearts of those who rocked the 60s, 70s and 80s while enticing those hooked on digital streaming music to take a peek, feel the beat and “groove” to a new dimension of sound never heard before.

To complement a phenomenal product, Zeppelin also offers some great classic vinyl records by Elvis, Jazz Legends including Bob Marley,as well as Country Music, Simply Soul, Christmas, Rock N Roll Classics, and 70s Disco.

Last year sales of vinyls in the UK overtook digital sales for the first time.The rawness and richness of music on vinyl was almost forgotten but vinyls have now made a massive comeback. And what an encore it is, when you consider how its popularity sank from the 80s onwards with the advent of new and handier ways to reproduce music.

Back then, it was exciting to go to the record shop, buy a record and hold it, smell it, read the liner notes, and look at the incredible artwork.

But each advance, from cassettes to compact discs to MP3 to streaming, put another nail in vinyl’s coffin. When digital formats allow us to access music anytime and anywhere, how is it possible that analog formats are now the fastest growing? The key is a combination of sound and experience.

Now, popular bands and individual artists are actually releasing new music on vinyl, and record stores (both new and used) are popping up everywhere. The market for used records has never been busier. Does the return of vinyl — even as we listen to streaming services on the drive to work: represent progress and not regression?

Arguably, vinyl’s true gritty sound makes the music flowing from it sound richerthan can be achieved byCDs with their compression, digital recording and mastering techniques. Some say that music on MP3 or CD often sounds cold and clinical – less human, warm and real than the sounds on vinyl.

“Vinylphiles” say that listening to records often demands rapt attention. They tend to sit and really listen more consciously because they’re often taken aback by how much better their favorite music sounds in analog form.

Zeppelin’s beautiful briefcase record player is set to cultivate the global Vinyl Revival in Sri Lanka too. For more information contact 0777324252 or 0773546595.


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