Anything But….with Kumar de Silva on social media

Popular media personality Kumar de Silva is back with his latest celebrity talk show, but this time he’s not going to hit the television screen.

With social media rapidly becoming more than a life style and in fact an alter ego, “Anything But … with Kumar de Silva”, presented weekly by Pulse, (the English Language Lifestyle arm of TV Derana), will available on, Facebook, YouTube, and across all social media.

Janeeth Rodrigo, General Manager – Digital at TV Derana says, “It was a casual and first-time chat at Oktoberfest last year and I managed to successfully talk Kumar out of self-imposed retirement to make a come-back. With his award-winning presentations on the little screen and his excellent interviewing skills, honed over three decades, we are more than confident that this show will be a hit”.

“I turn 55 in two months and I seriously thought Talk Shows and I were a thing of the past. But well then the volatile Janeeth-Derana-Pulse combo proved me wrong. Yes I AM absolutely delighted to be back and look forward to another series of crazy, serious, fun, profound, etc, etc, etc chats with a diverse range of celebs. ”.

“We brainstormed and were looking for an “auspicious” (!!!) date + time + celeb to launch this show” said Janeeth, adding “and we did weigh a lot of options. And voila it presented itself to us in the larger-than-life form of Colombo’s greatest diva and drama queen Danu who celebrates his XXth birthday on Friday the 13th of October. Yeah we couldn’t have got a better date than Friday the 13th”. 

Directed by young Sachitha Kalingamudali, the inaugural show “Anything But … with Kumar de Silva” will thus be launched at 13h on Friday 13th October with the celebrity birthday boy Danu. It will thereafter hit YouTube every Friday at 13h.

“I love the Friday 13h twist and I’m also relieved that we’re not confining our viewers to a specific day and time in front of their television set. With the literally limitless flexibility by being on Digital, we’re always on … anyday, anytime and anywhere !!!”, Kumar enthused.


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