UN expert on transitional justice to review progress in Sri Lanka

Photo of Mr. Pablo de Greiff

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, Pablo de Greiff, will carry out an official visit to Sri Lanka from 10 to 23 October 2017, to examine the progress made in redressing the legacies of massive past violations and abuses, including those that resulted from a conflict that spanned more than 25 years, the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights said today.

In 2015, the Government of Sri Lanka committed itself to designing and implementing a comprehensive transitional justice strategy.

“My visit aims to review the progress made thus far, to identify obstacles and bottlenecks in the implementation of the transitional justice and reform process, and to discuss opportunities with the Government and Sri Lankan society to overcome these,” said de Greiff.

The human rights expert will meet Government officials at central and provincial levels, representatives of the legislature, members of the judiciary, the armed forces, law enforcement officials, religious leaders, political parties, the Human Rights Commission, civil society, victims’ groups, academics and representatives of the international community.

He is scheduled to visit Colombo as well as other locations in the south, centre, north and east of the country.

The final report on the visit will be presented to the Human Rights Council in September 2018. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The UN Special Rapporteur has to look into the reasons that prevent Truth and justice.

    The Buddhist monks and Sanga have made Sri Lanka(SL) to lose its Buddhist spiritual values and precious “monk mentality” ; upheld and nurtured by their forefather Buddhist monks for many centuries.

    Consequently, they have lost their self discipline and nature to love all people, to promote peace and denounce evil desires of greed, racial hatred and enmity.

    The remnant of Buddhism now left behind in SL, is a type of“ Killer Buddhism”, as in Myanmar, that kills any good Buddhist value in any soul of a Buddhist. There is lack of wisdom , ability to know the truth, be honest and discern what is right and wrong in life. There is spiritual Bankruptcy.

    “Killer Buddhism” changed the Sinhalese to be;

    1. War mongers instead of peace lovers
    2. Made loving Sinhalese to be anti Tamil racists
    3. Domineering by Sinhalese instead of equality of all citizens.
    4. Dishonest people losing honesty and integrity
    5. Doers of wrong instead of doing right.

    The Tamils and non Buddhists have been targeted and brutally
    discriminated since 1958, evidenced by:

    1. The public service, the state owned enterprises,
    private sector and the armed forces have about 95% Sinhalese educated in vernacular Sinhala medium, but the population Statistics show that the Sinhalese are only about 70% in SL.
    2. More than 10 anti Tamil riots since 1958.
    3. Destroying mosques and churches and threatening followers and keeping statue of Buddha.
    4. Civil war against Tamils including murder,disappearance and genocide
    5. Forced land grab of Tamil lnd by the armed forces and state under false pretences.
    6. Lack of justice from vernacular Sinhala judges who are racially educated and minded.
    7. Not implementing the UNHRC resolution and being dishonest to promises.

    But during the last week of September 2017, a Sinhala Vernacular “Dr” from SL, spoke at the UNHRC sessions, dishonestly claiming “there is no discrimination against Tamils in SL” and Maha Sanga of Buddhist monks claimed last week that there is no religious discrimination in SL (Daily Mirror of 29-9-2017)

    A Statistical survey was done recently by Daily News paperin SL. with the question “ should Bhikkus be involved in politics in SL”. About
    68% of readers said “NO” to politics by Buddhist monks. Obviously, the people see the evil effects of this “Killer Buddhism”:

    Prince Buddha left his palace, politics and power and made it clear that his followers should do the same. For the past 70 years, the
    governments of SL said they gave “Buddhism a prominent place” but have destroyed the spirituality and used the monks for their politics and led citizens to hell..

    It is time for Buddhists to be remorseful, admit their wrong to people and start to be right

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