Billy to celebrate 15 years of amazing music

When it comes to music, Billy Fernando needs no introduction in the local music industry. He is a music phenomenon, an icon, and has established his own identity as a musician,; with his extraordinary talent to perform in different styles, experimenting with music, and even turning the traditional ‘Raban‘ into catchy and upbeat tunes.

Coming from a family of musicians, music was the first language Billy learned, and music was in his blood ever since he was a toddler, he revealed signs of a promising musician by learning to play the guitar at the age of four. Being a talented musician who has mastered many instruments to a professional standard, it doesn’t take Billy to get a decent sound from any instrument, as soon as he figures out a scale on it. ‘Yuwathiya’ brought Billy under the spotlight in the music industry while ‘kello kollo’ increased his popularity along with many other titles, ‘Ra Ahase’ made his biggest hit.

This year, Billy will be reaching the highest peak of his music career, celebrating 15 years of amazing music which certainly made an impressive impact in the local music industry. As a singer, musician, performer, music director, producer, composer and the creative mind behind the famed energetic band 2Forty2 he has indeed made his mark. ‘’Ra Ahase Live in concert with 2Forty2 ‘’ is the result of Billy’s contribution to music, and through this concert Billy and his band promises to dazzle the discerning audience with an infusion of Classical, Latin, Reggae and Pop music.

The concert will also feature a string quartet with leading musicians from the Symphony Orchestra Sri Lanka led by Lydia Goonathilake. The brass quartet will feature musicians from the Colombo Brass Ensemble led by Naveen Fernando. The
rest of the star studded line up of musicians include,s Rakitha from the famed Naadro on percussion, Janith Gamlath on sax, Upula Madhushanka on Bass, Ranil Goovawardane on Guitar and keys whiz Milan John on piano from the University of Berkeley, Boston along with a strong back-up vocal section.This spectacular concert will also mark the launch of Billy Fernando’s new album. The event will be taking place at the Ave Maria Auditorium, Negombo on Friday the 10 November 2017, and fans can be assured that they will have the most breathtaking musical experience of the year- lined up with Billy‘s original hits and remakes performed with new musical arrangements handpicked and directed by Billy himself, “Including hits from H.R.Jothipala , Clarence Wijewardena and the Gypsies,.”  Revealed Billy during the press conference at The Sooriya Village, Colombo 05.

The instrumental line up at the ‘Ra Ahase’ concert will be another attraction. This is the prototype concert for a series of concerts planed in 2018. The event will also be adorned with a unique blend of Classical, Latin, Reggae, Rock and pop music, with the intention of giving the audience a different musical experience to remember. Consisting of Nigel Fernando, Bonjo Fernando, Johan Ranmuthugala and Sithara Fonseka, 2Forty2 is one of the leading Concert bands in Sri Lanka. Together they have performed at various concerts in and out of the country captivating their audience and creating a huge fan base.

Their success lies behind their drive to please the audience and create novel trends in music. Billy’s success also lies with the massive support he gets from his talented band, with their dedication and hard work. 2Forty2 has brought a difference to the music industry in Sri Lanka, having performed with the most popular musicians in the island such as BnS and many renowned artists. They have finally marched their way to success through their commitment, talent and dedication, which have been the main reasons for them to reach their highest peak.

Billy is recognized for his passion for highest quality of music and commitment to the Sri Lankan music industry. Over the years his artistic contribution has helped shape the musical landscape of the country and influenced a new wave of musicians and fans across all genres. 2Forty2 is the music phenomena of the day promising a dynamic music experience.
So make sure you be there, for Billy and 2forty2 hopes to see you in Negombo on the 10 November, to experience a magical musical extravaganza of a lifetime!


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