Top Tamil diaspora leader visits Sri Lanka for talks

A top leader of the Tamil diaspora is in Sri Lanka for the first time since a ban on him and his organisation was lifted.

Global Tamil Forum (GTF) President, Father S. J. Emmanuel had talks in Colombo and Jaffna during his visit.

Among those he met was the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap.

“Pleased that Father Emmanuel is striving to secure lasting equality, peace, justice, & happiness for all in a united, reconciled #SriLanka,” the US Ambassador tweeted.

Father S. J. Emmanuel was among 400 individuals and organisations listed by the former Government over alleged links to the LTTE.

The current Government lifted the ban and initiated talks to obtain the support of the Tamil diaspora to reconcile and rebuild the communities in the country following the war.

Father Emmanuel has been in self-exile since 1997 after the then Government accused him of supporting terrorism.

He had said the allegations even damaged his personal standing as a Catholic priest including through false accusations in the website of the Defence Ministry when it was under the then Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Tamil leaders will continue to worship the foreign powers, it is in their blood. They fought the Asia’s longest brutal civil war. Still their mindset is the same. Giving devolution of power will lead to a disaster.

    If former President JR was wise, he would have published Prabhakaran’s resume on every newspaper, so Tamils would not have joined with the LTTE. He knew India was creating a monster to divide and conquer Sri Lanka, at the same time India was presenting the monster as saviour to Tamils. President JR utterly failed by allowing the 1983 riots to counterattack India’s dirty trick. He also introduced executive presidency and brought IPKF to Sri Lanka.

    The West was powerful and had plenty of money, so Singapore went behind the West. Even as I write, the Western countries’ aircraft carriers and submarines can dock anytime in Singapore. Singapore backs only the West. However, President JR’s nephew giving pieces of the country to few world powers. By doing so he is bringing war at home. His non-alliance policy won’t encourage any world power to commit to Sri Lanka. Why do you think RW is struggling to get FDI?

    Instead of addressing the FDI and GDP, RW is concern about devolution of power to please the foreign power. I have the feeling that RW is going to create disasters worse than his uncle JR, seems like it is in their blood ;-)))

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