Fonseka hopes he will eventually receive visa to visit US

Former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka says he hopes he will eventually be given a visa to visit the US.

Fonseka had applied for a visa to visit the US together with the Sri Lankan delegation for the ongoing UN General Assembly.

He said that while others in the delegation had received the US visa his application was being reviewed.

“It has not been rejected. They say it is being looked into. I am ready to go even now if it is approved,” he said.

Fonseka said that his visa was not approved owing to war crimes allegations raised against the army.

The former Army Commander said that local laws must be used to take action against soldiers facing accusations in order to clear the image of the military. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You should be never given a visa to enter USA.
    You were given the opportunity to clear yourself and the army you led. Hoping for better perks and personal gain you turned your back on the army you led without clearing their name but protecting criminals as they had the political clout.

    When that did not workout you wanted to be the political power and ended in jail. Hope USA has the good sense to reject the application without wasting time on a review.

  2. probably everything is done according to a plan. Fonseka has Green card and daughters, relatives in USA, so he does not need permission like other Sri Lankans. Being the “future citizen’ for USA why he pretends that he does not know anything. Why Tamils Tigers and their supporters do not complain against him such as Rajapaksha? We should not forget Saddam Hussein’s fate after all the help given.


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