Top businessman to contest 2020 polls to address economic issues

A top businessman says he has a solution to address Sri Lanka’s economic woes and will look to contest the 2020 Presidential elections and implement his plans, if he wins.

Rohan Pallewatta, Executive Chairman at Lanka Harness Company Pvt. Ltd, told Colombo Gazette that he is already preparing himself to contest the polls.

Pallewatta will be facing heavyweights in the political arena if he goes ahead with his decision to contest the polls.

However he says he is confident he will be able to win the election and lead the country towards economic success.

“Sri Lanka’s debt crisis is a result of poor foreign policy,” he said.

Pallewatta said he does not endorse the decision taken by the Government to give the Hambantota port to China and the Mattala airport to India.

He also said that a think-tank operating under him is in the process of studying the Government’s 2025 vision.

“We will agree with anything which is good for the country and oppose what is bad,” he said and added that he hoped to contest the 2020 election through his own political party.

Pallewatta also denied claims that he was attempting to ride on the success of Donald Trump, who won the US Presidential election as a businessman with no political background. (Colombo Gazette)



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