Mark Kross reveals real reasons behind switch

Popular radio personality Mark Kross, has for the first time, revealed the true reasons behind his recent switch from SUN FM to KISS FM and the parting of ways with his one-time co-host Shaq.

Shaq and Mark were a brand of their own and were popular from the days they were on YES FM to later E-FM and SUN FM.

However, recently they parted ways and this created a buzz on social media with several people wondering what had happened.

Mark Kross is now on KISS FM (96.9 FM) and can be heard every weekday mornings with Gem.

The switch from E-FM to SUN FM and now KISS FM however has left Mark’s fans in a morning radio void of sorts.

Speaking to Colombo Gazette, Mark insisted that his switch to KISS FM had nothing to do with the money, as alleged by several listeners on social media. He further went on to say, “One common occurrence, when in the public eye, is getting flack for decisions made by personalities, often affecting many loyal fans, and in my case listeners. What they must understand is, when you switch from one station to another station, not many people know all the sides to the story. They will always think ‘this happened overnight…’, ‘he got a better deal so he ditched everybody and he left...’ That is not how anything works. There is no get rich quick plan out there. It is hard work.”

Mark said that he wants to set the record straight and let listeners know that there is a bigger picture to what some may assume.

Both Mark and Gem had worked together from 2010 to 2014 where they managed to take their show to No 1 in the respective target demographic as per LMRB ratings.

Mark says after being able to experiment and sell the product back then, they now have the chance to enhance what they created about seven or eight years ago.

On the end of the road for the Mark and Shaq show, Mark notes that friendship is one thing but decisions must be made based on your personal happiness.

“More often than not people who believe in listening to themselves turn out to be on the right side of the fence,” he said.

Mark said that he had a set of opportunities presented to him while his former radio partner also had got some opportunities and there was room for both to work together. However, eventually both Mark and Shaq decided to go their own ways with their own interest at heart.

KISS FM is also online via KISS TV where what is played on live radio is synchronized with live TV, which according to Mark, is the first and only Sri Lankan radio station to do that at this moment. Mark says he has a lot of hope on KISS FM and the new show he is involved in with Gem. (Colombo Gazette)

By Easwaran Rutnam


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