Body of British journalist killed by crocodile found by Navy

The Navy recovered the body of a British journalist killed by a crocodile in Arugam Bay, the Navy media unit said.

The Navy said a team of Rapid Response Rescue and Relief Unit (4RU) personnel attached to the South Eastern Naval Command had been dispatched to the location to look for the foreigner.

The victim, identified as Paul McClean, a British national aged 24, had been dragged into the water near Elephant Rock in Panama, Arugam Bay, by a crocodile.

The body was handed over to the Panama Police. Further investigations are being carried out by the Police. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. Hidden trap not cautioned to visitors. Too many crocodiles a danger to people in Sri Lanka. Wild life protection cannot be at the expense of ordinary men to the enjoyment and benefit of NGO’s.


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