UK General Medical Council rejects SAITM medical qualification

The General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK has rejected the medical qualification offered by the South Asian Institute of Technology (SAITM) in Malabe.

GMC, the independent regulator of doctors in the UK, has rejected medical qualifications from 11 universities around the world, including SAITM.

“If your medical school is on this list you will not be able to apply to sit the PLAB test or for registration. This approach reflects our primary duty to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public in the UK. A decision to place a medical school on this list is not taken lightly. We only do so following a full investigation and where we conclude that it is the most appropriate course of action in light of our main objective to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public,” GMC said.

The PLAB test is the main route by which International Medical Graduates (IMGs) demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practise medicine in the UK

The General Medical Council (GMC) is a public body that maintains the official register of medical practitioners within the United Kingdom.

Its chief responsibility is ‘to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public’ by controlling entry to the register, and suspending or removing members when necessary. It also sets the standards for medical schools in the UK. Membership of the register confers substantial privileges under Part VI of the Medical Act 1983. It is a criminal offence to make a false claim of membership. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Once SLMC provides the appropriate approvals, PLAB will automatically approve SAITM. Issue is with SLMC not wanting to adhere to the Law.

    • Exactly. This is a political stunt. The GMOA is strangling SAITM and denying it the means required to become a legitimate institution, which SAITM is very adamant in becoming.

  2. Many students in SAITM do not have minimum Qualifications to become Medical Doctors in Sri Lanka, so it is good for Sri Lankan public that these people are banned from getting a medical degree. Rajitha Senaratne talks against the corruption but his daughter in law is also studying there. So all other medical councils around the world should follow GMC in UK and ban SAITM qualifications.


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