New regulations for tuk tuk taxis from October

New regulations will be introduced for tuk tuk taxis (three-wheeler) from October 1st, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation said.

The regulations which have been gazetted note that the registration number, name and driving license number of the driver, a photograph of the driver (size : 65×50 millimeters) and telephone numbers of the respective police stations where the vehicle is registered to inform in case of emergency, must be displayed behind the driver’s seat and be clearly visible to passengers.

The gazette also notes that every owner of a motor tricycle (tuk tuk) who uses such motor tricycle for the purpose of transportation of persons or goods for hire or otherwise must fix a taximeter which must be operational at all times.

The gazette also states that upon the payment of a fare, it shall be the duty of the driver of such motor tricycle to issue a receipt on the request of the passenger. Such receipt must include the distance travelled, vehicle registration number, amount charged and the date of the receipt.

The gazette also states every owner of a motor tricycle who uses such motor tricycle for the purpose of transportation of persons for hire or otherwise must ensure that the off side (right side) opening to the passenger’s compartment of the motor tricycle is partially or fully closed permanently to prevent any entry or exit by a passenger.

In June this year the US Embassy in Colombo said it had been made aware of an increase in incidents involving tuk-tuk drivers in the Colombo area inappropriately touching female passengers.

The US Embassy, in a statement, had urged females to avoid traveling in tuk-tuks alone in Colombo, especially at night and to also take pictures of the driver and vehicle license plate prior to getting inside. (Colombo Gazette)


The gazette:


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