Government blames MR for situation faced by Lalith and Anusha

The Government blamed former President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the situation faced by former Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga and former Telecom Regulatory Commission Chairman Anusha Pelpita.

Minister S.B. Dissanayake said that Weeratunga and Pelpita are not thieves but had to follow the political decisions taken by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Weeratunga and Pelpita were last week found guilty in the ‘sil redi’ case and were sentenced to three years in jail by the Colombo High Court, and ordered to pay Rs. 2 million each as a fine and Rs. 50 million each as compensation.

They were accused of misappropriating Rs. 620 million of Government funds to distribute ‘sil redi’, cloth used by Buddhist devotees, to voters during the 2015 Presidential elections.

Dissanayake said that Weeratunga and Pelpita led a decent life and if Rajapaksa took responsibility to what happened then they would not have been jailed. (Colombo Gazette)



  2. I faintly recollect that SB tried to appoint palpita as his secretary while there were charges against him. What is the connection between these two. If the investigation was left to the government we can imagine what the outcome would be. Lalith was a good public servant till he joined former President during helping Hambantota fiasco.


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