Rosy denies leaking COPE report before it went public

Deputy Chief of Staff and Media Spokesman of the Prime Minister’s Office, Mrs Rosy Senanayake today denied claims she had leaked the first COPE report on the Treasury bond scam before it went public.

Issuing a statement, Senanayake said that the allegations raised against her and her son were baseless.

The Presidential Commission investigating the Treasury bond scam had been informed that Senanayake’s son Kanishka Senanayake had allegedly provided Perpetual Treasuries with copies of the COPE report on the Treasury bond issue while his mother served on the COPE Committee in 2016.

However Rosy Senanayake noted in the statement that she was not a member of Parliament in 2016 when the said incident took place.

Senanayake also said that she hopes to take legal action against those who had tarnished her image as a result of the false allegations. (Colombo Gazette)


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