SriLankan Airlines denies claims by Canadian tourists

SriLankan Airlines denied claims by a group of Canadian tourists who were not allowed to board a flight at the Katunayake airport yesterday.

SriLankan Airlines said that this group of passengers reported to the check-in counters after the check-in counters had closed and SriLankan staff at the counters informed them that the airline (UL195) is unable to accept them on the flight due to the closure of the counters.

“The safety and comfort of all passengers is of paramount importance to SriLankan Airlines and we regret any inconvenience that the passengers may have undergone,” the airline said.

However, the airline says it cannot accept passengers after check-in counters are closed, as this may cause a delay and/or disrupt the departure procedures of the flight.

The ‘Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage’ clearly state that all SriLankan check-in counters close one hour prior to the scheduled time of departure and advise passengers to arrive well in time for check-in.

The Canadians had filed a Police complaint yesterday saying they had been refused seats on a SriLankan airlines flight despite having purchased tickets. (Colombo Gazette)


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