Los Angeles declares emergency as city battles wildfires

A state of emergency has been declared in Los Angeles as the city battles the worst wildfires in its history.

Hundreds of homes have been evacuated around the Glendale and Burbank suburbs.

The fires, covering about 5,000 acres, started in La Tuna Canyon on Friday and have sent plumes of smoke over the city.

At least three homes have already been destroyed and a major road, the 210 Freeway, closed.

Mayor Eric Garcetti declared an emergency on Saturday night and a further emergency order was made by California Governor Jerry Brown on Sunday.

The declarations allow state and federal funds to be provided as soon as possible.

“This fire… we can now say is the largest fire in the history of LA city, in terms of its acreage,” Mr Garcetti told reporters.

California has been in the grip of a heatwave and the flames are being fanned by strong winds.

Major fires are also affecting other areas of the western US.

The government has already declared states of emergency in Montana and Washington state and thousands of residents there have been evacuated. (Courtesy BBC)


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