Foreign military in attendance as Army kicks off military exercise

‘Exercise – Cormorant Strike VIII – 2017’, the Field Training Exercise (FTX), organized by the Sri Lanka Army, started off for the 8th consecutive year with the participation of Sri Lankan tri-forces and 69 foreign participants at Infantry Training Centre (ITC), Minneriya in the East.

The introductory meeting was conducted at the Exercise Operational Headquarters in Minneriya. Foreign participants from Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Russia, USA, Brazil, Sudan, Iraq, Israel, Oman, Turkey, Iran and Kenya were educated on the conduct of the exercise.

More than 2675 Army, Navy and Air Force troops, including 69 foreign military participants and observers, mechanized infantrymen, commandos and special forces of the Sri Lanka Army, 370 naval and 197 Air Force personnel are taking part together with their foreign counterparts at the annual joint exercise.






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