Cabinet yet to receive proposal on legalising abortion

Cabinet will discuss the proposal on making abortion legal once it is received, Health Minister Dr Rajitha Senaratne said.

He said that making abortion legal is only a proposal discussed at a meeting recently.

The Minister says the proposal has not been put forward to the Health Ministry or the Government.

He however said that once the proposal is received it will be discussed by the cabinet.

The proposal was based on the right a mother should have if pregnant as a result of rape or if a serious medical disorder is detected in the embryo.

Recently the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka expressed concerns over moves to legalize abortion under special circumstances and urged the Government not to legalize abortion under any circumstances.

Issuing a statement the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka said it was deeply concerned at the news that a cabinet decision has been made to legalize abortion on two counts and is to be presented to the Parliament.

The Church condemned the Government decision to legalize abortion under two instances saying that the Catholic Church believes that life begins at conception and no one has the right to take a life. (Colombo Gazette)


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